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Gabriel Omar Batistuta is now, was and always will be remembered as one of the strongest and most talented striker in the world. He currently holds the rank of the 10th top scorer of all-time in the Italian league and in 2004 he was included in the list of the "125 Gratest Living Football Players"

Gabriel Omar Batistuta was born on Feb 1st 1969. He was nicknamed Batigol as well as El Angel Gabriel (Spanish for "THE" ).

Gabriel is a popular sporting figure in Florence where the Fiorentina fans built a life-size bronze statue of him in 1996, in recognition of his performances for Fiorentina. Sadly he never won the Italian league, however he won the Serie A championship to top-off his amazing career in Italy. Gabriel retiered professionally in 2005.

Read about Batigol's Childhood and how he got his start in Footbal. Read about his professionalism in the industry and participation in the national team. His family was a big part of his life that tells an interesting tale as well as his fans.

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