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You can not tell the legend of Batistuta not talk about his family. It's like a puzzle, leaving out of place the card more important. Why Gabriel before being Batigol, is a man who feels the family as an absolute value.

 The story begins in the early '70s. Gabriel is an Argentine child who leads a normal life, a childhood that, to think a little ', like that of so many other kids like him: the dream, the adventure, the school. Grandparents Melchior and Nestor teach him the secrets of hunting and fishing, bring on the great river, the Parana, making him discover the charm of nature. Grandmothers Catalina and the Isabela cuddle and run when it comes to heal a wound result of mischief.

Meanwhile, Gabriel becomes large, growing near the sisters, Elisa, Alejandra and Gabriela. Beside him, his parents, two important figures, and his father, Osmar, a tireless worker, and Gloria, the mother, who has created a cushion of affection between a child seeking confirmation and a father all in one piece. But Osmar had and has within it a secret that Gabriel has learned through the years. Behind the obsessive work and silence lies a man who considers the family a sacred well. Osmar has infused Batistuta in the lessons of life, giving him the right props to make it secure. This is the first family of Gabriel, the one that saw him be born, grow and succeed. The story of a young boy grew up on the shore of the Parana was to be accomplished, and from there a few years the sample would begin to take its first steps. But before you become someone Batistuta Batistuta man, he must find the woman of his life. A woman who loves the boy more Argentine champion said, a friend who was part of his world. Here, then get the other half of the sky. Gabriel was invited to the birthday party of a girl, for the young Argentine fifteen years are an important anniversary and Irina had done great things. No time to enter and leave the adolescent Batistuta girlfriend of the moment. Immediately sets out to fix the birthday girl, is captivated by her pink dress and mild-mannered. The spark body immediately, but spend eight months to get a kiss. Immediately the two young people have the feeling of being made for each other; still will face hard times and sacrifices, but they will do together.

Gabriel comes to football and to pursue his dream of a professional contract, has to change city. Irina is in Reconquista, suffers, but takes it hard. The two were married January 28, 1990, in the church of S. Roque, right in their neighborhood. E 'at this point comes the second family of Batistuta, the man, husband, father.

Gabriel in '91 and Irina come to Florence, where all three children were born: Thiago, Lucas and the youngest, Joaquim. In Florence, the couple Batistuta settle permanently. Gabriel becomes "Batigol", Irina fits very well in busy towns, small grow, go to school and play just like their peers in Florence.

But in my heart there are always sunsets and sunrises in front of the great river and the smell of the earth at home. Because as Osmar, Gabriel also believes in family, believes the union and the warmth that gives the being together with loved ones. And when he returned to Argentina spends all his time at his disposal to make the full of emotions. Florence is the workplace, comfortable, padded, but still a job. Reconquista is the house, the walls that have seen him grow and be exposed to the wind to face the world. At the end of career you can bet that Gabriel will come back to the world that belongs to him. Of course, times change, as well as men, but the heart, the old heart Argentine passionate and nostalgic remained intact.

And the two families, in hindsight, are one and represent the dream of a man who raised chickens, transferred on the shoulders of his son, a sample of a football crazy and billionaire, but used to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

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