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Gabriel Omar Batistuta welcomes us to his second home, the dressing room of the francs. The workout is just finished. But today is not about football, too often preaches tactics, marking and roles. Today Batigol, his undisputed reign, he is determined to shape the face of Gabriel Batistuta, that of emotions, including past, present and future.

Batistuta and football: how has it changed your relationship with the sport that has given you living?
From a personal point of view, the years I have changed, it is the football has changed radically. As a young man I used to play just to play, now I do it for fun, but also to run a team. They came other objectives. Before the game ended with the referee's whistle, time never ends. E 'need to improve, work, always. Why settle so many people is a very difficult task to accomplish. I believe rather that it is not possible. It is not easy to please 40 thousand people in the stadium, there will always be someone who you are not liked. But we must do our best, we are professionals, we get paid, and then we have to work even doing some sacrifices if necessary.

Batistuta, Florence and Florence: the first judgment was the right one?
When I arrived in Italy, I thought that if I wanted to live well, I would have to adapt to the Italians and not vice versa. In Florence, I immediately felt at home, I'm not a character that judges people and so I never allowed to judge whether, in all these years, the Florentines have changed towards me. I also believe that a player would be difficult to say with certainty whether the people has changed or not, often depends very much on the moment that one is living in his racing career, it has always been easy to find friends when you win three goals or the ranking of the gunners, a little less when things are not going well. That's why it is almost impossible to make a judgment. I have limited experience in trying to do so in respect of all, for now I went well and I hope it will go well in the future.

In the city, however, I'm fine. Many times I have had the opportunity to go away, and if I was, for Florence, for all of its streets and its people. The city makes me feel at ease because it is neither large nor small, he lives quietly and even the atmosphere helps to give me peace of mind. It is precisely this aspect has helped me to remain for the entire career.

Batistuta and the family: how do you reconcile the role of father and that of player?
It is still a job. Although we have many commitments we can divide the time with your family more than other workers. The only aspect of racing that steals a long time I travel, under normal conditions, however, we train in the morning or afternoon, while the other half a day we have to be with the family. When I think of those who work ten hours a day I consider myself very lucky, although I have to work on Sundays.

If one of his sons was willing to take the football career, I encourage?
No. I really think I would try to discourage it. We must make it clear to all the kids that football is difficult. And get it is even more. Everyone sees Batistuta Vieri, Del Piero, Inzaghi, not knowing what's behind the career of a player. As a young man, just started with football, I was not the only one. Like me there were thousands of children with the same my goals and the desire to rise to the top. Of many people, however, will get little. I do not know what are the ingredients, whether it is luck of courage or a mix of these qualities. In short, it is not easy to become a professional, you have to make an effort that everyone does not feel able to do, especially at seventeen. If my son to be determined and able to climb to the top then it means that the character would have the right to break through. But I would not go so sure.

How to spend their free time? The latest passion is for the flight?
I love hunting and fishing. The flight I like it but I think it is especially useful for the future. In Argentina there are large spaces and then you also need this. I also like the go-kart, I love riding on the track, weather permitting, and try to do it. I like tennis, but for me it is taboo, I attempt because I am brave but I can not play as I would like.

The most beautiful and the most ugly.
I can not say with precision. I spent many difficult moments, but I got them all in the right way, and have served to move forward, so I do not know to what extent were bad times. Good times the two world championships, a few victories but there are no boundaries delineated. I hope to make a precise at the end of my career, not now. Until now, I never stopped to think, I do not know if it is good or bad but that's just me, stronger than me.

Understand that, hung up his boots, the future is in Argentina
Most likely, this does not mean that I disappear from circulation, we are in the third millennium, to get from one part of the world today. Most likely I'm going to live in Argentina because there I have my interests, however, Italy, Florence are part of my life and will definitely be two or three times a year.

What will it take to Florence at his home in Reconquista?
All, this definitely. A purple shirt is already in my house in Argentina, where I have a collection of links.

The relationships with the coaches, with whom he befriended and with whom the relationship was strictly professional?
I only had a professional relationship, I try to keep only this type. Before I did it to avoid passing by someone who wanted to capture the favor of the coach, and it was not my intention. Now I do this because it seemed a correct philosophy, I've never had trouble behaving in this manner. Then, the coaches go to other teams and happen to be feeling more often when we worked together.

She is a very private person, who searches for whole to maintain the privacy as much as possible overdose celebrity or character?
Even as a child I kept things to myself, over the years have not changed. Everyone has the right to have his secret does not seem right that everyone should know about my private life just because I play football.

Public figure and a normal man binomial difficult?
The popularity I never liked it. I got where I am because of my goals, but I've never tried to be famous. I can not stand the invasion, especially when it affects the family relationship. Sometimes you're nice, get a second of respite and the result is that someone is offended. It is a sensitive issue, I always try to solve it in the best way, but not always successful.

A message to the fans?
I have sent many messages, one thing I hope is that they will continue to accompany us as they have done so far.

And the commitment of Bati never fail?
This has been demonstrated over the years and in deed. I feel respect for the fans of Florence, I think I've earned them and this means that we can live in peace.

Batistuta leaves. In the language of the warrior is not about love, feeling connected oestrus, but of respect, which stands for courage, loyalty. This is Batigol, a old man, one of those all in one piece. At the end of career probably will go home, but Florence and its people will always remain in his heart, because respect is not forgotten.

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