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The relationship with the fans Batistuta is unique and indescribable. Florence Fiorentina is everything, and those who can not make it to win, to fight for her, to keep high the colors of purple in the world, becomes a god. Batistuta this has added a grit and unparalleled courage, became the symbol of the hero good, the true champion, and became the only player living in which fans have dedicated a statue. The statue with its image triumphant, leaning against the corner flag in his now legendary gesture of exultation, stands under the Curva Fiesole the Artemio Franchi stadium in Florence since 1995. "A Gabriel Batistuta - we read on pedestal - warrior never subdued, hard fight and loyal soul."

Bati says that just arrived in Florence, he was struck by the adoration that fans had to Giancarlo Antognoni for years flag of Fiorentina, and now general manager of purple: his dream was to be able one day to enter the hearts of fans just like him. And he did it slowly, goal after goal, with the humility of a great champion, who was able to resist the offers of prestigious teams, who sacrificed himself for Fiorentina also huge humiliation Series B, in order to succeed, one day, to win a title in purple shirt really important. For almost seven years, and Fiorentina Batistuta Batistuta is the Fiorentina is not conceivable, for fans purple, a team that Sunday falls in the field without Batistuta. When in previous years, at the end of the season, we talked about his desire to leave Florence, and thus a possible sale, fans are even more tight around their sample, in 1997, after persistent rumors of his passage 35 billion for Inter, Fiorentina fans showed up to the new purchase, Edmundo, a large Brazilian gunboats. The audience in the stadium, afraid that player could be a replacement for Batistuta, he continued to shout inexorable "Bati-Bati-Bati-Batigol."

In winning the Italian Cup in 1996, Bati, already adored by fans, became a hero and a symbol of an entire city, back at last to win something important: May 18 at 3:30 am, inside the stadium Franks, 40000 faces, in addition to the cup, were turned towards him, driving and sample. When a few months later won at San Siro, almost alone, the Super Cup, shouting to the world his famous "I love Irina" to the camera, enthusiasm and appreciation of the city were so high as to reach propose, for him, even an honorary citizen of Florence.

His face, his name, his poses after the score, stand out on key rings, helmets, stickers, T-shirts, lighters, scarves, and even cups and glasses. His name was also created a perfume and a line for the body sold all over the world.

The day Bati crossed the line of 100 goals in Serie A, while it rained from the stands one hundred footballs, fans in Fiesole curve exhibited a banner that alone sums up the thought of a city, of a fan, and all those who, in the world, love good football, "Cien veles gracias, Bati" (thanks a hundred times, Bati). Why to be great, no need to win the Ballon d'Or.

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